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Garden care is an integral part of design, a pathway to developing the beauty to a mature garden. NIWA offers aesthetic pruning, rock setting, mossing, garden renovation, client coaching, consultation and lectures.

It is essential that the clients fully understand and commit to the garden’s long-term maintenance from the start. Without this commitment, it would be futile to make the garden at all. NIWA will gladly help maintain your garden on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. The scope of maintenance and intervals will be set up to accommodate your budget and convenience. 



Of all maintenance tasks, pruning is the most important aspect in a Japanese-inspired garden. Hans has acquired extensive pruning skills over many years; he is well versed in pruning trees and shrubs in a wide range of styles and techniques, specializing in pines and Japanese maples.



NIWA can handle large landscape rocks creating compositions in challenging situations. With access to a wide array of quality stones and boulders we will be fully engaged in selecting, pick up and delivery of boulders weighing up to several tons.



Moss is an incomparable garden element. In the Pacific Northwest, we are surrounded by it and it can be incorporated into the garden under certain conditions. For those who seek the special allure of moss we install it on every scale.


There are times when a mature garden warrants renewal or renovation. Usually, this process addresses overgrown or invasive plant material and rehabilitating mature trees and shrubs. Assessing garden conditions and plant health determines whether a garden renovation is justifiable; NIWA carries out this task methodically including: plant identification, plant health assessment, and recommendations for renovation procedures. This process may also present opportunities to incorporate fresh design elements via transplanting and pruning or adding hardscape.


Individuals who seek advice for gardening know-how through hands-on demonstration may want to schedule specific side-by-side gardening sessions to acquire skills in maintenance practices, or pruning. Weekly, monthly, or seasonal work sessions are available including weekend days.